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Why Are Car Windshields Color-Tinted at the Top?

Originally published by Mark Putzer, MotorBiscuit If you glance at the top of the windshield of your car, you’ll likely see a layer of color tinting at the top. Most windshields on modern vehicles have a blue or green color for the tinting, while others have a colorless tint.  The primary reason for the color-tinted windshield is…
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August 17, 2022 0

State Legislatures Examine Several Auto Glass Issues

From the July/August Issue of AGRR Magazine State Legislatures Examine Several Auto Glass Issues Each year the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) reviews dozens of state legislative proposals that may affect the business operations of auto glass services companies. These proposals cover several different topics and sometimes overlap. It is also likely that similar bills…
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August 10, 2022 0